“Even though I did not dance a complete song, I liked what I heard. I am not a professional but I can distinguish between fair, good and excellent quality of music. Our family members were very happy, they danced and enjoyed your performance very much. I even took the time to ask some family members over the phone and in person if they liked the band this year, and they told me that you guys were great; better than last year’s band! Our fellow guests also enjoyed your music and performance. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone!”

Abraham Jacome

“I recently booked some rehearsal time in their studio and it was awesome – very friendly staff, well equipped studio, and it was all at a very good price. I will be booking my rehearsal times with them from now on!”

Nick Walter

“The Bliss Band had a huge variety of music, I was very impressed with their distinct repertoire – definitely something in there for everyone! My husband and I enjoyed them very much – and would definitely recommend your services to our friends and family.”

Stella Hartmann

“Very professional and caring towards their clients. I quickly got a confirmation e-mail for my event followed by a phone call, and a follow up e-mail after the event – and they helped me with any doubts I had about the band I wanted to book! Not to mention the band was amazing! Highly recommend!”

Dharma Exton

“We couldn’t have asked for a better band than the Extasy Band for our party. They sounded so tight and had us dancing all night long with everything from my time in the 70s to top hits today. They also looked super professional with their dance moves! And definitely had style! I recommended your company to a friend of mine who’s getting married in a few months. We hope they can bring the same joy they did to me!”

Lisa Jaques

“We went to a company event party where Bliss Band was playing at, and we loved them so much that we had to ask for a card! The 3 front singers were amazing and everyone enjoyed them very much. They sounded like they belonged on The Voice. We wanted to congratulate the band on having such outstanding musicians.

Lourdes & Pedro Fernandez

“You guys were awesome! I booked them for a private gig and I had guests from many different countries who had varied tastes in music… and I can easily say that they were all very pleased! The band covered so many different genres of music – I especially loved all the Latin songs even though I can’t dance salsa! The singer came up to me while he was singing and helped me out a lot! So much fun and such a great energy from the band, I would love to work with you again!”

Debbie Kasman

“Excellent band, with very talented singers who hyped up the venue during the whole night. We had a wonderful time listening and dancing! Thank you so much.”

Camila Fleck

“We booked a DJ for a Christmas party and he was very much on point. I sent a list of a few songs that I definitely wanted him to play, and he did an amazing job of mixing all of them together perfectly. Very talented guy, we had a blast!”

Lenny Woolfson

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